EPMA Journal congress supplement

The EPMA journal offers to the congress participants the opportunity to publish short articles (both research and review) based on presentations registered for the EPMA World Congress 2019.

Deadline for submission: September 30, 2019

Send to e-mail: kunzfeldovaa@fnplzen.cz

Rules for article:

  • Max 1000 words including title, authors’ names and affiliations
  • No abstract
  • Max. 10 key including words PPPM relevant ones such as “predictive preventive personalised medicine”, “patient stratification”, “individualised patient profile” etc.
  • Main text structure:
    • Introduction
    • Patients and Methods
    • Results
    • Discussion
    • PPPM related conclusion and outlook
  • Structure of the article is not mandatory EXCEPT the last point
  • Important acceptance criterion: Conclusions and outlook should be PPPM relevant, that means obligatory statements on prediction, prevention and personalisation in corresponding medical areas